Black Mammalogists Week: Sep 13-19!

Black Mammalogists Week is coming up September 13th-19th and we are so excited! This idea was originally created by three Black mammalogists- myself, Rhiannon Kirton, and Rae Wynn-Grant, who wanted to find all of the other Black mammalogists and mammal enthusiasts out there while providing tangible ways to connect with and support one another. We were inspired by the success of Black Birders Week, and hoped to foster the same widespread engagement with scholars and the public. After some initial planning meetings, we reached out to 15 other inspiring Black mammalogists to increase the capacity of our organizing and help Black Mammalogists Week to make the most impact. The organizing team is so excited to bring you six themed days, live streamed panels, social media takeovers, giveaways, mammal coloring pages, and other ways to get involved. Check out our website here for more information and see you next week!

We are also excited to announce the Black Mammalogists Week BIPOC Scholars Award to advance the Black & Indigenous scholars in mammalogy and other fields. Please donate and share widely to help us to reach our desired endowment!

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